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Thank you for your consideration in becoming a Dinner Party Host.  We are so grateful to have your support and willingness to help advocate to your family and friends for Batten Disease.  


Once you have registered as a Dinner Party Host, you can expect to receive your Dinner Party Box with all the decor and favors you need to bring the Expect Miracles Gala home.  This box will be shipped to you the week of the event, or delivered with your VIP catered meal the day before the event if you are in the Denver/Boulder metro area.  

There is no fee to register for the event. However, everyone must register in advance in order to access the live stream video and auction. Once guests have registered, they will receive a link that allows them access to the live stream gala. “Attendance” at the event will only require a cell phone and a computer OR Smart TV; participation in a dinner party is not a requirement.​

If you have any questions, please contact us at 303-842-2680, or foundation@raresisters.org.


Download the Menu for the VIP Dinner Party Boxes.

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See what comes in your dinner party box if you host a dinner party.  We want to make this easy and fun for you!

EM Gala Logo 2020 white bkgd.png

Download the logos for this years' event to use on your own invitations or decor.

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Download or customize an invitation and menu without prices to send to your dinner party guests.