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We are excited to announce that RARE SISTERS shirts are now available for Pre-Orders. The shirts will not be ready for delivery until early August. All proceeds from the Rare Sisters Shop directly benefit the Fries Supplemental Needs Trust & the Rare Sisters Fund through the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation. SHOP HERE Show your love and support for the Rare Sisters and raise awareness for Batten Disease.

Retinal Specialist Appointment

On Monday, the girls had their annual visit to Dr. Matthias, the retinal specialist. The girls are such troopers through these appointments. Its hard work to sit still and look into bright lights and hold your eyes still while they take photos and measurements. Especially when the machines and chairs don't fit little people, and you have to sit on mom's lap with your legs squished under the table. Waiting rooms are not exactly fun either, but we make our own fun. These visits are kind of moot, since there is nothing to be done to help improve their vision. We see the retinal specialist because they can more accurately determine their vision and the health, or rather decline, of their r

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