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Cane Lessons

Both Cecilia and Lilly started Cane Lessons in January. We have been so fortunate to have a wonderful TVI (teacher of the visually impaired) to teach them braille, and now mobility. I got to watch them have their first Cane lesson in the outdoors yesterday. They have only been working inside up until now. I was so impressed with them!

They are learning blindfolded right now, because they still have too much of their sight that it would be pointless for them to do it sighted. But, it is so important for them to learn this skill now, before they are blind and loose more cognitive abilities.

They were so proud of themselves too. They love having something tangible that speaks to their uniqueness. Their canes are special, and just for them. No one else has a cane at their school. They are proud of what they have learned and how they use them. They got to bring their canes home for spring break, and it was so cool to see them show them off to their little sisters when they got home. They are also talking about getting American Girl Dolls (someday) and wanting to get canes for their dolls because then they would be just like them. {I'll have to look into that one... we may have to make them.}

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