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New Home

It has been one month since we moved to our new home. Already, it has been such a blessing. When we got diagnoses, we knew that we would have to move. Our last home was not going to be conducive to our batten girls, and the many needs that they would have. We needed a ranch style home with all the bedrooms on one level.

On a Sunday about 10 days after diagnoses, I drew up a floor plan of what I thought would work for our family. I’ll modest four-bedroom ranch, knowing full well that we would have to build, because they don’t make four-bedroom ranch houses. That same week on Thursday, I thought what if I reach out to Builders in the area to see if they would change one of their floor plans to meet our needs. I created a search and the fifth builder that popped up had a photo of the ranch house. I clicked on it just to see what it look what look like and the floor plan popped up and it was almost identical to the floor plan that I had drawn up for days earlier. It was a goose bump God moment. I called the builder, they said it was already finished and it was the last one. We walked through it that night and it was so surreal. It was divine providence. Four days earlier I had drawn this floor plan and now we were walking through it. And just so that God with extra clear with us, the house number was the same house number as my brother and sister-in-law’s. The next morning, my I was talking with my sister-in-law about the house and the decision in front of us. She told me a story about a family who was going to a housing crisis of sorts a while back and they prayed a novena. She said it had something to do with red roses. I googled red rose novena, and of course St. Terese of Lisieux popped up. I didn’t think much of this except for the fact that we love St. Terese, and she is Lilly’s favorite saint. Then, I walked through the dining room and saw the bouquet of red roses that was dropped off by a friend the night before when we were walking through our new house.

In addition, the basement is huge and totally unfinished. My parents have invested in the home with us, and will finish the basement as their own home with their own entrance, and be able to help us when we need it in the future. They have dubbed the basement the "beach house".​

Moving day was a true testament to our village. We had over 40 people help us on move day. Friends, family, the girls principal, and neighbors were all present. We were moved out, and unloaded into our new home with beds being set up all within about 3.5 hours! I have never seen anything like it. If you were part of this day in any way- THANK YOU!! ​

The timing of move was essential to Cecilia and Lilly. I really wanted to move to our home before they lost any more of their sight so they could learn the house, and feel safe in it before their symptoms got any worse. Cecilia has already thanked us over and over again for buying this house and moving to it. It has been really peaceful here, and feels very much like home already. We have amazing neighbors too.

It is bittersweet to be in this home. It is a beautiful home and we know that we will make great memories here, but we also know that this home will be the place of much suffering and most likely be the place where Cecilia and Lilly have their final days. ​

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