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Basement Update: Help wanted

The Fries part of the basement is coming along! We are on to the fun part of flooring and trim, then onto storage shelves and installing the sensory gym. This being said, we are ready for some extra help. This week in the evenings and this coming Saturday, 11/17, and probably on Sunday afternoon. The BIG goal is to have the storage room ready to be moved into by Sunday night. Not sure if we will get there or not- but hey, its good to have a goal. If you can help with flooring, trim, shelf building, or electrical finish work at all this week/weekend, please let us know.

Other ways you can help:

  • We will take your unused duvet covers, stuffed animals, and old blankets to turn into crash pads. Please email if you have some to donate.

We have also set up some wish lists for some things that we would like to have in the gym:

  • Amazon:

  • Southpaw:

THANK YOU to everyone who has already sent us items from the wish lists. I've peeked in the boxes, but haven't opened them up yet, so I don't know if it will tell me who they are from or not.

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