Cecilia's Sleep Study

A few weeks back, Cecilia had a sleep study done. We went overnight to stay at the Childrens Hospital. She did so awesome with all the wires and stickers all over her body. She had a full EEG done while she slept. That means she had 30 probes glued to her head and face. In addition to this, she had the regular sleep study wires and stickers on her toes, legs, and chest. She also had to wear a cannula all night. She did go right to sleep, and she did sleep all night, except for to go to the bathroom, which was quite the ordeal to get her safely disconnected! The good news is that she had no seizure activity during the night. This is a huge relief! We were concerned that she might be having seizures because of her irregular sleeping patterns that were starting to emerge. We don’t yet have results from the sleep study where they look at apnea and sleep quality, but she did snore ALL night long, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something shows up in the report.

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